Customer engagement is becoming more personalised using technology, and agents are getting smarter at marketing to their database using technology to help develop deeper relationships with their clients, according to real-tech firm Progenys Technologies.

Progenys says that the real estate technology landscape has gone, and continues to be going through, major change. 

It said that this shows in a number of ways. The use of video advertising online has become prevalent, micro websites are being used to sell multimillion-dollar homes, agents are using data analytics in their social advertising as well as smart email and virtual letterbox drops.

The landscape is no longer what it used to be. It is not about a “spray and pray” approach when it comes to marketing your business. Today, technology is helping agents be more targeted and relevant in their approach to prospective clients .

These new tech trends are helping to create and maintain deeper relationships with clients. The use of data analytics is still in its early stages if you look at what is possible and what is coming in the future. It is also helping real estate agencies build their brand like never before. There are a number of channels that we have today to reach our targeted audience. These channels give us the power to be innovative in how we brand ourselves and our business today.
Consider Deloitte CEO Peter Williams: “Agents will not be replaced by technology; they will be replaced by agents with technology.”

Tech is your friend, and it is here to stay. With society demanding for more relevance from products and services these days, let’s face it, it’s not easy to be connected personally with each and every one of your clients. You need technology to help you have a good work/life balance and also maintain good customer relationships at the same time. Technologies that help you achieve this will change the way we interact and do business with our clients, and these technologies will be adopted quickly.